Deploy Python code as microservices

Daeploy is an open source tool for industrial data scientists to create APIs out of Python code, deploy them as microservices, and escape pilot-project purgatory

Watch the demo to see how industrial data science teams can:

  • Configure servers with a single command.
  • Deploy directly into production with command line interface.
  • Monitor deployed services with alarms and notifications.
  • Eliminate spaghetti code in projects when using Python.

One-time server installation and configuration with sensible defaults.

  • Deploy with ease on the cloud, on-premise, or offline.
  • Single command server configuration.
  • Fire and forget.
  • Enhanced security in form of SSL and token-based authentication.

termynal.js example
docker run \ -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \ -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \ -d daeploy/manager:latest daeploy login admin ******* Changed host to

Daeploy makes it easy to deploy scripts as microservices directly from your development environment into production.

  • Automatic containerization ensures your code works the same way everywhere.
  • Deploy from source, github repositories or from container images directly.
  • Use the Command Line Interface to have full control of your deployments from wherever you are.

Use the built-in dashboard to get a visual overview of your deployed services, view notifications, and stream logs. Continuously export metrics to external monitoring solutions and easily integrate deployment in your existing CD pipeline with the API.

With Daeploy, teams with basic Python knowledge can craft production-ready code. Our easy to use SDK gets you:

  • A REST API with interactive documentation for the service
  • Data validation
  • Monitoring of variables
  • Notification functionality
  • And much more!

How does it work?

Daeploy has a SDK that creates APIs out of code and a runtime manager that packages and deploys the code as microservices.

Daeploy SDK

Adds all the functionalities you need to turn your code into an API. Just use pip to install the Daeploy Python library.

Daeploy Manager

Helps you deploy your code into running applications. It only requires Docker and access to Docker daemon.

Use Daeploy in your next project

Daeploy is a free and open source software!